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Angelica Lopez-Arzate is a Mexican American pianist. She graduated with honors from

Mexicos National University (UNAM) with Bachelor in Music degree in 2017. Her repertoire ranges from classical, contemporary, and Latin American music, as well as her own compositions and musical arrangements. As an educator, she is committed to developing her teaching practice by combining the knowledge of the piano with creative and technological tools that stimulate the interest and learning of music. 

She believes that for integral music education, it is necessary to include musical improvisation with the aim of promoting the individual expression and creativity of each student, in addition to the use of technology to create a more engaging environment for students. Her achievements include Best Piano Performance in UNAMs admission exam, 3rd place in UNAM`s 2015 Piano Competition, and received a scholarship to represent Mexico City at the International Musicalia Festival of Piano in Havana, Cuba. Also, she received a scholarship to continue her Master’s studies in Piano Performance to study with the Canadian pianist Timothy Steeves at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Recently, she was awarded the title of “Fellow of the Graduate Studies” from Memorial University in recognition of her outstanding performance. As a soloist, she has performed in Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, USA, and Canada. She is passionate about playing piano, composing, and teaching with the aim of motivating the love towards music, since her philosophy is that music not only has benefits in cognitive development but helps us to be more complete people by developing sensitivity to our environment, to culture, as well as it is a means of emotional expression fundamental for personal well-being.

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