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My name is Josh Bellingham and I’m a musician based out of Three Hills, Alberta, teaching guitar and bass. I’ve been playing guitar for over 12 years, bass for 8 years, and started teaching music independently 6 years ago. I also dabble in piano, ukulele, and even sing a little. My love for music started when I was in the fourth grade and one of my teachers started an after school guitar program. He taught us the basic chords and got us started playing songs. That club had an unimaginable impact on my life, as it not only introduced me to music, but also gave me confidence in myself that was not there before, and a group of friends that I still keep intouch with to this day. His guitar club is the reason I kept pursuing music,and why I feel music can be such a powerful skill to learn.

Through the years I developed a passion for song writing, which ledme to complete a diploma in music from Prairie College, where Ispecialized in songwriting and recording. In my time there, I received lessons in songwriting, jazz theory, jazz guitar, arranging, composing,music production, and ensemble music. In addition to those lessons, I completed my debut extended play of original songs at Evergreen Studioand OCL Studios in Calgary and Chestermere respectively.

Most recently I’ve been focused on writing and recording more music, as well as teaching guitar and bass. I focus largely on rock, folk, and pop music, bringing my background in jazz theory to the table connecting
popular music and theory. Some of my influences for guitar include John Mayer, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Bob Dylan, Colter Wall, Ed Sheeran, and many others. As for bass, I love the styles of James Jamerson, Carol
Kaye, Paul McCartney, and Thundercat to name a few.

My goals as a teacher have changed from student to student, but what I have tried to show to all my students is a love for music, and passion to get better every time we play. Whether that be through learning new chords, breaking down and learning your favourite songs, working on a strong sense of rhythm, or just playing music and learning through the process, I try to focus on the joy that music can bring, and how it can bring us together. I look forward to talking and playing with you!

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