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Hello, my name is Joshua, and I have been into the music scene for over a decade. I first fell in love with playing music when my parents bought me a copy of Rock Band 2 for the Nintendo Wii. Since then, I have had experience in working as a live DJ, setting up stages and AV for performers and speakers, and I currently practice popular song covers in an attempt to play my favorite songs perfectly in one take in a studio environment. Some of my favorite genres to play are metal, rock, pop, and praise and worship for local churches.

I have worked as a stage-hand working for a local church’s youth group. I perform drums for live service/off-the-floor recordings with my church. For my passion, I’m currently in school for audio production, to one day hopefully become a recording engineer. All of this to summarize, if you decide to take lessons with me, you will receive a very well-rounded and experienced approach to music. Anything from beginner to a high-level intermediate, I will be able to accommodate working with you to fulfill your goals. Whether you want to be playing with a band, preparing for your first gig, or preparing to record in the studio, I can give sound and simple advice.  Children or adults, I believe I have the experience and attitude to make learning the drums one of the most fun experiences possible.

I am skilled as a live performance drummer, as well as I have experience in the beat-making and the recording world. I currently work in Ableton as the Digital Audio Workstation of choice, and have found that my love for drumming has created a love for creating trap, hip-hop, and house tracks. With all of my collected experiences and passions, I believe that I would make a valuable instructor for anyone who wants to make drumming a part of their life. Whether on a drum kit, or making beats on your computer, I believe I can be someone who can help you achieve a product you are happy with! Thank you!

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