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Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

Written By: Jessica Camara

With New Year’s approaching a wave of motivation comes over everyone from the feeling of a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions are often thought of as a way to become a new and changed person. Viewing the beginning of a new year in this light can cause people to choose overwhelming or unachievable resolutions. Positively reviewing your past year and coming up with small goals that build up to a larger objective can help keep you on track. We have outlined a few common New Year’s resolutions and some smaller goals to help them seem attainable. 

Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

Losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, but statistics show that only 8% of people stick with their New Year’s resolutions. A factor of this could be that the goals chosen are not specific enough. Focusing on having a healthier lifestyle does not have to only apply to your looks. Picking up different habits can help put you on the right track to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. We have outlined a few ways to get you closer to your goal of feeling great inside and out this year.

Purchase a few Staples for at Home Workouts

With the new restrictions in place, it is the perfect time to give at-home workouts a try. There are a ton of online resources available to get you started with at-home fitness. Youtube is a great free resource for quick home workout videos with or without the use of equipment. If you prefer to have a program set in place Beyond Yoga and Undecard offer memberships for virtual classes. If you would like to purchase some equipment for at-home workouts a yoga mat, resistance bands, a skipping rope & weights are some great choices to get you started.

Sign up for Meal Kits

Time restraints and lack of ideas can often hold someone back from preparing healthy meals at home. Signing up for a meal kit subscription a few times a week is the perfect way to get new recipe ideas. The meals are often quick and easy to make with everything portioned out for you. There are tons of meal kit subscriptions available for delivery in Calgary that can be customizable to your needs. Preparing these kits is often healthier than turning towards eating out. 

Start Meditating or Journaling

A vital part of a healthy lifestyle is taking time to let your body and mind rest. Feeling defeated or overworked can cause someone to put a halt to a healthy lifestyle change. Headspace has an excellent app for those who are new to meditating. The app provides a series of guided meditations depending on your goals. Following your meditation, you can take a few minutes to journal about your day. Keeping a journal is a great way to reflect at the end of the year and keep yourself on track with your goals.

Pick up a New Skill

Taking the time to develop a new skill can turn into a fun hobby that you love. Learning an unfamiliar skill set is a great way to destress or help achieve a larger goal. To stick with this resolution it is crucial to have a specific outcome that you want to achieve from learning this skill. There are a few different factors that can help in deciding which new thing to learn this year. Take a look at your larger goals for the year to determine if they are career-driven, recreational or lifestyle practices and see if there is a new skill set required to achieve those goals. You can also use this resolution as a way to destress or spend more time with friends or family by joining in with a hobby of your common interest. The following are a few skills that might spark your interest in the new year. 

Learning how to play an instrument is an excellent way to destress and use a different part of your brain. It is easy to personalize this skill with all of the instrument types and styles of music. Your teacher will design a program fitted towards your specific goals when it comes to learning music. The classes could focus on the technical side of music or have a lighter feel depending on your interests. 

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is a great skill to develop and can benefit many aspects of your life. This skill can help with career goals by expanding your resume and adding qualifications for different roles. Picking up a new language can also bring you closer with friends or family that are bilingual. If you are interested in travelling more over the next year becoming bilingual could be a stepping stone towards that objective. If you don’t have the extra time to take a language class downloading an app like Duolingo can be a good alternative.

Stop Procrastinating or Get Organized

In light of recent events, this might be an important goal going into the new year with the restrictions requiring people to work from and spend most of their time at home. Removing a bad habit requires patience and dedication. It is crucial to find ways to keep yourself consistently motivated in wanting to achieve these goals. Starting slow will combat feeling discouraged. Below are some small habits that can help with the overall objective.

Set Timers

Split up all of your daily tasks and set individual timers for each of these tasks. During that time put all of your attention and focus on completing that task. Timers will help your tasks seem less overwhelming and provide you with the allotted time to take a break. 

Buy organization Products

The home edit website has a ton of organization products for every room in your house. If you create a specific place for all of your items you are more likely to keep things clean. When there is a spot for all of your things it saves time on cleaning or doing a house task. This helps to elevate your desire to procrastinate. 

Make Changes to Your Environment

Spend a week or two organizing each room in your house choosing a small section each day. Analyze each room and make changes depending on how you feel when you spend time there.

New Year’s resolutions should not feel like a giant burden, but instead, keep you motivated and happy. Focusing on a smaller goal will stop you from feeling defeated a few months into the year and abandoning all of your resolutions. The author of bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen helped edit the article. 

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