ABOUT David Malone

David Malone is a musician and guitarist-singer-songwriter from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He has also played bass guitar for local bands such as the Denis Balsom Trio, XpressMusica and Mopaya. David started writing music after being nominated for an award from the Shonen Jump Music Contest. David has also published poetry and short fiction. David studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Memorial University of Newfoundland both in music, anthropology and literature and currently teaches from his home and remotely online. David has a repetoire of music available locally and online and continues to write and perform. Currently David performs for children in the day care environment and at St. James United Church in St. John’s Newfoundland.

A classically trained picker, David blends blues and modern styles with finger picking and breaks down modern music in a scholastic approach that teaches students more than just technique but gets to the root of music appreciation and history. David has studied Musikgarten and Early Childhood Education since graduating university and teaching music lessons and adds constructivist elements to his teaching process. The type of approach ensure that lessons are fun, recreational, and challenging without being rigid. He has experience with students 3 to 70+ years of age and is prepared to teach all students.

Growing on on Canada’s eastern edge, David integrates the feeling of strong winds and winds into the music he weaves on guitar and ukelele, A avid reggea, blues and big band enthusiat, the music of the Atlantic influences his writing and techniques which are borrowed from Jamaica, The Eastern United States and maritime Canada. Dabid is also strongly influenced by artists Tom Petty, Jonny Cash, Duke Ellington, Ella FitzGerald and Louis Armstrong.

You can find access to some of David Malone’s work on Nimbit Music and on Spotify.


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