Frequently asked Questions

Can Adults register for your lessons?

Absolutely! Our lessons are available to students age 3- 70 years and range from beginner to advanced levels. We currently have many adult students enrolled. Adult students are always welcome.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Our policy states that we do not offer make-up lessons for student absences without 24-hour prior notice. However, although not guaranteed, owed or accrued, if you speak to reception we may be able to fit you into another time spot within the week. This would be limited to the teacher’s schedule and availability.

How long should a student practice each day?

For beginner students practice should be approximately 15 minutes every day. As students advance they should add time each day. We always discuss this with our students and have practice schedule in their books. You can download our Practice Card which has suggested practice schedules according to playing level and age

What are the benefits of studying Royal Conservatory and completing the examinations?

Choosing to go the route of Royal Conservatory depends on the student’s goals and personality. Royal Conservatory provides a clear progression of levels working toward the goal of passing the examinations and receiving the reward of the designated certificate for that grade. For those who respond well to clear progressive steps, set goals and a reward based system; this is the suggested path. However, for those who are not as easily motivated by such methods a flexible student- tailored approach is recommended.

Is a half-hour lesson long enough for a beginner student?

A half hour is perfect for a beginner student of any instrument. As the student advances, they can consider 45 minutes or 1 hour lesson. Longer sessions are beneficial to those preparing for Royal Conservatory Examinations (RCM), adult students, or students working on more advanced materials.

Where do I buy my Guitar/ Keyboard/ Piano/ Drums from?

Keyboard, Guitar, Drums or Ukulele can be bought new from Long & Mcquade,London DrugsCostco and other musical instrument stores.(Check their online locations as well)

If you want used instruments, be sure to check Kijiji and Facebook marketplace. We need to sound a warning that as much as you like to save money, be prepared for about $200 for your musical instrument if you plan to have it for a long time and still possibly sell at great price. For piano or keyboard, buy only Casio, Yamaha, Korg and Roland.

What should I do if my child is not practicing?

Lack of practicing can be due to a number of things: too busy of a schedule, life phase, trouble connecting with teacher or confusion as to what they should be practicing.  As a parent, even if you are not musically inclined in order to help your children to practice there are a few practical steps that you can take. Try designating a specific time every day for music practice, download a copy of our Practice Card to track time spent, communicate with your child’s teacher about expectations, goals, preferred learning styles, and progress reports or speak to reception about finding a more appropriate teacher/student fit.
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