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How Music Helps During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Michaela Acuyado

When we will be asked today “How are you?”, what would be mostly our answers?

Maybe we’ll say: “I am fine”, “I am okay”, “I am doing good”, etc, etc. Well, our responses seem just the normal response that we usually hear from people, but we know deep in our hearts that we are not really okay.

Being still under  this COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious that we are struggling so much in our lives, even the rich people whom we know should be coping well, are suffering  too. Who else is not, right?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us a lot of problems, has changed the way we live, has taken so many lives, has paused our dreams in life and most importantly has isolated us from the joys of this world.

This is now the image of the world – loneliness. We have been into lockdown, quarantine and isolation. Our work and study have moved virtually. We’ve been deprived of going home to our loved ones especially the frontliners and medical experts and those who work or live far away from their loved ones because of the threat of COVID-19 virus.

It is already a sad reality. But despite the darkness we are in, there is something that keeps us or helps keep moving and inspires us to continue to fight, to continue to live. There is this energy that enables us to cope up with our loneliness, with our sadness , with all our anxieties and even our depression.

There is this hero or a friend we may call. No it’s not someone but it is something. The beat, the rhythm, – yes! It is  music that helps us keep going and fuels our life.

“Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch.”                       – Debasish Mridha

During these times of pandemic and lockdown/quarantine, we are seeing people from all over the world singing on their houses, their balconies and playing musical instruments in harmony with their families and neighbors.

Also, some people from all around the world have been hooked by the music/songs of some famous international music icons or bands or groups or celebrities, like the well known BTS, Momoland and BlackPink from Korea, Taylor Swift from Hollywood and many more local and international music icons from all over the world who have brought joy and energy to people during the pandemic through their music.

There is also this new application called “TikTok” which became the most used application during the pandemic. People are hanging on this application to do video dubbing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and even sharing some informational content for the awareness of people.

We will not also forget about the students who are very busy with their online classes and homeworks or projects. 3 out of 5 students are very much affected with this new setup in their schooling. Some became very aggressive and some became very depressed. 

One secret few students shared on how they were able to cope up with the new setup is by putting on earphones or headphones and turning on their favorite music while continuing to focus on their studies.

“Music brings us pleasure and releases our suffering. It can calm us down and pump us up. It helps us manage pain, sleep better and be more productive.” 

– Alex Doman (Author of Healing at the Speed of Sound)

The same issue goes with the working professionals who are now working from home. The old environment they used to have, like chatting with colleagues, was never present anymore. Instead, some work from home professionals become so isolated, emotional, lonely and depressed because of the lack of social activities that also added to the stress they have from work.

Being in this situation, just like how the students cope up with the new norm, these working professionals also shared that they get to keep moving and their energy gets higher whenever they turn the music on. 

Just like ordinary people in their ordinary lives, music became their source of energy – their source of happiness. Our body, when science explains it, has some deep connection with the vibration, rhythm, beat and the sound produced by music. It’s hard to explain but whenever we hear a beat or a sound, our motor function in the body sends signals to our brain to react to that beat or sound.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”

– Maria von Trapp

It is noticeable whenever music is with us, like listening, singing, dancing or playing an instrument, especially if we like that music, we become happy, we become relaxed, we feel a feeling of being safe and we become strong to face the challenges we have, and we become emerged to that music making us forget any worries we have.

Music helps us escape the real world – the world where darkness and loneliness surrounds us. Music accompanies us in our isolation, in our loneliness, sadness, in our pains and sorrows, and most especially in celebrating our happiness.

Music is believed to help us in so many different ways. According to Confucius, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

During these times of pandemic, we need a spice of pleasure that never fades in order to energize us, to accompany us, to make us braver, to comfort us, to calm us and to heal us from all the things we have in our hearts that keep us from being alive.

Indeed, we must be thankful that we have music to help us cope up with life during this pandemic. We must always tune to our music especially when we feel that life is making things harder for us to handle. Music is always there, is always everywhere, it’s free, it’s boundless and endless.

Go turn your radio on, get your piano or guitar and sing a sweet melody of love and dance to the rhythm of the rain! The author of Masterarbeit schreiben lassen helped edit the article.

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