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How Musicians Can Generate Money on YouTube

How Musicians Can Generate Money on YouTube

By Michaela Acuyado



As we all know, Youtube is a free video platform where everyone can upload, watch, share and promote videos for personal, entertainment or business purposes.


But have you ever wondered if you can earn money on Youtube with your music? The answer is yes!


Yes, Youtube can pay you money using your music. This is the reason why most people, especially artists and musicians, upload their music on Youtube.


Nowadays, not only musicians/ artists do so but almost all people are creating Youtube channels and doing vlogs.


But the question is how do we earn with our music throughYoutube?


Well, there are really many factors that contribute to earning money through Youtube. But we will emphasize on the number one answer to the question —-


Advertisements. You read it right! The main source of income from Youtube is through the ads that pop up within the music content uploaded.


Brands/products advertisements and any other advertisements that were put on Youtube give every Youtube creator a chance to earn through their ads.


If your youtube channel has what it takes to be linked to an ads/ads, then for sure those brands/products advertisements will be linked to your youtube content.


But mind you, before those advertisements pop up to your Youtube content you should first have the right audience or plenty of subscribers. Well, this is the most important thing that you should start building in your Youtube account.


The very first step to earn money through Youtube is to apply for the Youtube Partner Program through your Youtube account.


So what is this Youtube Partner Program? This Youtube Program allows Youtube creators to monetize their every Youtube upload/content like music, movies, blogs, etc .


In order to be granted to join the Youtube Partner Program, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers and you have to reach a valid public watch hours (being specified to be 4,000 watch hours).


Well, Youtube is being specific to those qualifications because money is what we are already talking about here. To earn money, Youtube has set criteria and guidelines to do so.


After being granted to be in a Youtube Partner Program, Youtube will now share the revenue they get from the advertisements hooked in your music content on Youtube.


Did you also know that additionally, if a Youtube Premium user or subscriber watches your music videos or any music content in your account, Youtube will also share profit through these premium subscriptions.


Amazing right? This is also one of the reason why most Youtube creators share and promote their Youtube channel through the internet to gather likes, watchers and most especially subscribers.


The more subscribers you have, the greater is your chance to earn more through Youtube. Subscribers here in Youtube can be compared to customers in the real world. So as customers are the lifeblood of business, here also in Youtube subscribers are the one helping you earn money by watching your Youtube contents.


But mind you, even if other people who are watching your Youtube content are not subscribers of your channel, still as long as they watch your content, they can also add earnings to your account.


So, what makes a profitable Youtube channel?


As you have read above, you must have plenty of subscribers, a lot of watch hours and views of your Youtube content and then lastly, if you want people to visit your Youtube channel and become one of your subscribers, you must make sure to create captivating, interesting, trendy and entertaining contents.


So what are you waiting for? It’s your time to shine and promote your music on Youtube. As a musician or an aspiring musician, this platform is a good starting point to reaching a spotlight in the world of music and also for earning money.


Don’t be discouraged when at first you think you’re not progressing or no one is noticing your Youtube channel, just continue uploading wonderful contents and later on you will not notice it, people are recognizing your channel, or your contents are already on the trending topic, or the best, your bank account balance is already increasing in numbers. The Ghostwriting Agentur service author helped edit the article.



“Try and fail.. Try again and fail again.. Try harder and fail again.. Try until you succeed, and that’s how you get something out of nothing.”  —sama–

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