Mark Scholz is a performer and an educator based in Calgary, Alberta. He played his first professional concert while still in high school and has now played with ensembles such as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, Calgary Civic Symphony, and Prime Time Big Band. Though he spends a lot of his time performing, Mark also has a love for music education. He can be seen teaching clinics in schools across the city of Calgary and currently works with a music education outreach program called “PhilKids” run by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Teaching private lessons is another one of Mark’s passions. He has been teaching private lessons for over 8 years on brass instruments and cello out of his home studio, but is open to virtual lessons as well. 

“All success comes from an underlying passion for music and a well-rounded approach. The passion that drives the music is what keeps students interested in the instrument they’re learning, and that’s something we never want to lose! It’s important to build a good foundation of technical skills, but it’s just as important to dive into the music and play pieces that we are interested in.

My Teaching Philosophy:

I break my lessons into two main sections; first the warm-up, then the music.

The warm-up is usually only the first couple minutes of the lesson, and it is what helps us get in the zone physically and mentally. As musicians, we use precise muscle movements and it’s important for us to be concious of that to make sure we are using our muscles in the most efficient ways possible. 

The music portion of the lesson is where we immerse ourselves in the music of your choice. It is very important to be passionate about the music you are learning, and I plan to help guide that passion towards making you sound the best you possibly can. 


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