"Elevate Your Guitar Skills with Daniel Tatulli: Committed to Your Musical Growth.

ABOUT Daniel Tatulli

Hey my name is Daniel Tatulli and I’m applying for the position for guitar instructor. I
have prior experience in teaching, I taught at OCOM which is Ontario Conservatory Of Music for
a few months. What I did there was assist students in reading musical notation and show them
proper playing techniques so they can make themselves a better player, as well as assist them
in timing, clapping rhythms etc. But doing this, it will make them a way better guitar player and
make them more in tune with the music they are playing. Before that I used to work at Clavier
Music Studio doing online lessons for both acoustic guitar and basic UKE. How that works is I
would set up constant zoom sessions and sit down with the students and go through the
material. I have done this for a few months as well.
Moving forward, I would like to extend my knowledge of music to more golden
opportunities and learn different ways and styles to teach current or new students. By doing this,
it will make me a better guitar player and make the students be interested in learning more and
more guitar and make them come back for more since I have a strong retention rate.
I’m looking forward to working with you guys to keep in touch.


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