"Elevate Your Guitar Skills with Navan Forsythe."

ABOUT Navan Forsythe

Navan Forsythe has been teaching guitar for three years and playing it for fourteen years, starting with classical music on a nylon string and quickly moving through as many genres as possible from jazz, blues, and funk to folk, punk, and latin. This love of music as a whole brought him to study composition at Macewan University where he is in his fourth and final year. With a strong understanding of both basic and advanced techniques as well as a deep knowledge of many different kinds of genres, Navan can help you learn no matter if you’re new to the guitar or looking to expand your already existing knowledge. With a willingness to create personal exercises or work from a method book of your choice Navan will do his best to help you learn exactly what you are looking for and to help deepen your love of music and the guitar.


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