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Musical Activities During Summer Time

Musical Activities During Summer Time

Musical Activities During Summer Time



By Michaela Acuyado

It’s summer and you want to have fun with music but you don’t know what stuff you can do? 


Here are some suggestions for musical things or activities that people of all ages can enjoy during summer. These musical activities can also be done by a music teacher to his or her students or parents to their children.


Please just make sure that the musical activities you choose will be appropriate to the ages of the people who will engage in that activity and parental guidance is recommended if the activity is required.

  1. DIY Musical Instruments


  • What is fun about this activity is that you, your student or your child can learn how to make their own version of a musical instrument.

  • You, your child or your student can choose what musical instrument is to be created. 

  • You can watch youtube videos for examples of DIY Musical Instruments or if you are creative and imaginative, you can do it on your own without reference to any examples.


  1. Draw the Song


  • How imaginative can you be? This is the main goal of this activity aside from learning and enjoying the song.

  • You, your students or your child could listen to a song or sing a song that all of you have chosen, well any song that most of you like, then after that ask your students or  child to draw the song.

To draw the song simply means let them imagine a story about the song and try to illustrate it through a drawing.


  1. Sound Hunting


  • Sound Hunting is also a fun activity for you, your students or your child.

  • It is also widely used during summer camp.

  • In this activity, you could be at any place moving or just sitting in that place and ask your students or your child to listen to any sound they hear and list them.

  • After that ask them to create a music or song using the sound they have listed.


  1. Music Videos


  • This activity is sought to be liked by most of the students or children. It is because they not only create some music but also portray and act out of a video.

  • This activity is fun and also requires some technology skills for editing videos and sounds. But a simple music video is just fine as long as they have enjoyed and learned something out of the activity.



  1. Karaoke/Jam Session


  • For those who enjoy karaoke and Jamming sessions, this is good for you, your child or your students.

  • A not so ordinary musical activity because you can put a twist to it.

  • For example, you could tell your students that you will put scores to their karaoke and Jamming session or you will be the one to give them the piece of song they will sing.

  • This activity is also fun during Summer camp, especially when it’s a relaxing time.

  1. Summer Camp


  • Summer Camp could comprise a lot of musical activities including all we have mentioned here.

  • It is a way different because it involves a huge crowd or a group

  • Another way is that it is planned to happen in a certain place like a vacation place – beach, camp site, mountain site or anyplace that was agreed by the students or group.

  • Fun games and social activities can be done during a summer camp.

  • Summer camp songs are also expected to be performed during this activity.


  1. Stage/Theatre Play


  • This is one of the most wonderful and memorable musical activities during summer.

  • A stage play or theatre play will not showcase the different talents of the students but also will enhance what they already have.

  • This is usually attended by a huge crowd audience to witness the memorable event.

  • Students are expected to perform a musical play depicting any stories of any genres. 


  1. Sound Effects


  • In this activity you, your students or your child are expected to create his or her own music effect or sound effect.

  • You can create different sound effects by the use of our vocal or by the objects we can see around us.

  • Maybe a twist for this activity is to use those sound effects to song, a story, a music video or a stage play.


  1. Talent Show


  • How is a talent show different from a stage play?

  • Well, basically a stage play is a talent show, but a talent in itself comprises more than a stage play.

  • In a talent show, every participant has his or her talent to showcase to the audience.

  • Mostly , it has judges to decide who will be the winner.


  1. Online Music Games


  • Because most of us nowadays just stay at home  due to the pandemic, what will make our musical journey more fun is maybe to play some musical games online. 

  • Examples of the sites that offer musical games are,, and many more. Just surf and search music games through the internet and there will be plenty of them.

  • These games will not bring fun to you but also will surely bring learnings and improve what you already learned.

Summer wouldn’t be more fun without music, right? It is because Music is life,it is everywhere and it brings us healing in ways we don’t expect.


So for more fun Summer Musical activities, suggestions above could be of any use. Have fun and enjoy your summer and enjoy your music! The author for seo texte schreiben lassen helped edit the article.



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