Guitar Lessons in Ancaster for Beginners: Learn Guitar Easily with Spencer Vaughn

ABOUT Spencer Lafrentz

Spencer Vaughn is an independent emerging artist with influences of jazz, power rock, blues and country crossover. With vocals matching the quality of his seamless guitar playing he creates a push and pull introducing the listener to a sonic splendour with lyrical sophistication they can’t wait to put on at the end of the day. 

Hailing from Saskatchewan, born and raised in a musical family, self-taught on the guitar; his sound has been described as powerfully resonant, soulful, and invitingly warm. He has borrowed influences from all over the map including: Stevie Wonder, Kimbra, John Mayer, and Paul Simon all collectively bubbling in a cocktail one could only define as uniquely his own.

He is currently working on his 3rd album release awaiting the pandemic restrictions to lift before his re-debut into the Edmonton music scene. A teacher of guitar and music, His self-taught nature on the guitar makes him the perfect aid for today’s new modern guitarists. With focus on tone, time and dynamics- specifically catering to the students needs.


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