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TikTok: Musicians Free Ride to Overnight Fame

By Michaela Acuyado

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing app focused on social networking service just like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This app is used to make a variety of short-form videos, ranging from genres like music, dance, lip-sync, education and many more one of a kind videos, with a duration of 15 seconds to one minute.

TikTok was initially released last September 2016 and a few years after its release, it has already become one of the most popular media platforms used for social networking and influencing.

It can’t be denied that TikTok has already become the most used app of today. From a young kid to a grandma or grandpa, TikTok has never been new to them. Because of more than a billion users, TikTok can be considered as maybe going to be the top tool of social media influence.

With the pandemic going on or even without the pandemic, TikTok would still be the number one source of social media entertainment for sure because of so much admiration given by the number of users and its popularity globally.

Number one influence of TikTok is it lets users find and learn different kinds of music and sounds. As we all know, Tiktok showcases short clip songs/music and users can choose from those songs and use it for a short dance cover or song/lip sync cover.

That is why TikTok also became the number one platform for musicians and artists to showcase their music and songs, skills and talents and their singles and albums.

As we can notice, most songs that become trending or well known worldwide have already been trending first on TikTok. 

TikTok lets people or users from all over the world discover or rediscover new and old music or even upload an original song. These users then use those songs or music for their TikTok videos and when other users liked those videos uploaded, they will share them to other users and also they will make their own version of that music video and the pattern continues to be like that,  and those videos will gain popularity and automatically will be a trending video or topic on TikTok and not only on TikTok but also in other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

See how fame easily happens overnight just by using the TikTok app?

So now, not only musicians and artists go inside TikTok and promote their music and stuff but also all kinds of people from different walks of life – from businessmen to celebrities, from sports icons to government officials, from working professionals to medical experts, from the ordinary people to the most influential ones, from a young kid to a grandparent, from all over the world no matter what races they belong –  you name it! TikTok  has already been a game changer for all of us.

With just one click and your videos will be liked and shared by billions of users all over the world. Just a thought of that makes everyone become crazy about making themselves, their music, their stuff, popular across the whole world.

Viral and trending videos? Well, thanks to TikTok!

With this game changer app music is just one click away and so is fame. As said above, almost all people already depend on TikTok  when it comes to social influence and networking. Because music is the core of TikTok, among the people who benefited the most are the musicians and song artists.

With TikTok, their music and songs became known to billions of people and that made their music and songs as well them become a viral and famous thing all over the world.

These musicians and artists gained not just fame but billions of followers also. With that numerous followers or what we can consider a network, there is no doubt that they can already influence people with their music, songs, and even ways of life.

Of course when you become famous with many followers with the power to influence, money is just really next to you. 

So TikTok is not just about entertainment but a way to earn a living, maybe not for everyone, but for someone out there who has been striving to live a life he or she has been dreaming of.

TikTok really is a “heaven sent” for those people who have benefited a lot from it. The good news is  TikTok is just free. If you have a device like mobile phones and an internet connection, just click the download button and hit install. Then you are good to go! Swipe up or down, left or right, choose a video or sound and make your own content. Then upload your video, like and share and expect the unexpected! The author of hausarbeit schreiben lassen helped edit the article.

It has never been promised but just believe in the magic of TikTok, and who knows you don’t need anymore to pay money for promoting your contents, music, ads or gain a lot of followers, because your life can change overnight. Just ride with it and abrakadabra — FAME!

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