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Virtual Music Lessons’ Pros and Cons

By Michaela Acuyado

As the new norm suggests, almost everything must be conducted online or virtually. Businesses and jobs already take place online and schooling is no exception for this.

Lessons are presented and discussed through virtual channels or platforms like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

As a student who wanted to pursue music professionally, what are the advantages and disadvantages of learning music through online lessons?


  1. Convenience – because the student is no longer required  to go to the music school, travel time and travel effort are eliminated, making the students have plenty of time in preparing for his or her scheduled music class. 

Also, the student will feel at ease because he or she is at the comfort of his or her house.

  1. Flexibility – in terms of the music class schedule, students can choose their desired time of class since there are plenty of time slots offered because the music teacher has the flexibility of time too eliminating the travel time.

Also, on the part of the student, he or she can have more time since the student is just at home, adding his or her time for playing/leisure and family time.

  1. Unbounded Learnings – unbounded in the sense that the students can learn lessons from all over the world at the comfort of his or her home. 

Through online, students can choose where in the world to enroll music lessons and can even enroll at the same in two or more music classes.

  1. More Focus – it doesn’t apply to all but virtual classes can make students focus more on their lessons since they don’t have seatmates who would bother them while studying.

Also, being alone  with no big crowd of classmates surrounding  can give the students peace of mind and calmness which is good for an aspiring musician.

  1. Less Costly – since going to music school physically is eliminated, the students can save money in fare, snacks and meals because at home everything is already there like the snacks and meals.


  1. Lack of a Teacher’s Physical Presence because of this, the tendency is that students become more relaxed and won’t take the lessons seriously.

Also, another thing is that in terms of learning musical instruments, teachers cannot properly show and correct hand positioning and technique and body posture.

In other words, physical guidance of the teacher is really needed to execute things properly.

  1. Internet Problems – the worst cons in terms of virtual class is when the internet is down like poor internet connection or poor speed.
  1. Device or Gadget Problems – when a computer hangs or broke down or laptop or any device and gadgets used in the class encountered error problems which cannot be fixed immediately and required to be sent to a repair shop, this causes a big disadvantage in online schooling.
  1. Varying Performance Quality – it is somewhat true that when performing and playing musical instruments, the sound from the student wouldn’t be  the same exact sound the teacher can hear at his end.  

Because of this, the teacher cannot perfectly decide whether the student has performed well or not. But still, it is just a small issue since this problem can vary from one student to another and from one teacher to another.

All in all, because of the pandemic, we have to face the reality of virtual music class. Whether we like it or not , we have to embrace what is available at this time and that is online class.

In all honesty, it’s not the advantages nor the disadvantages that will make a student succeed in his or her music lessons, but it is the student itself. 

The student’s will and determination will be the foundation that can help the student succeed in his or her schooling.

In the end, it is not about online class or in-person class, it is always about the student, the aspiring musician and the music teacher and the musician itself. The device and the internet connection are just accessories towards the learning process. The author of diplomarbeit schreiben lassen helped edit the article.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” – Angela Merkel

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