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Children And Music: The Positive Effects Of Music On Child Development.

For the majority of adults, listening to music is a way to pass the time, fight boredom, and for other

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Musical Activities During Summer Time

Musical Activities During Summer Time     By Michaela Acuyado It’s summer and you want to have fun with music

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 How Music Can Affect Your Mental Health 

By Michaela Acuyado “Music is the shorthand of emotion.”  ― Leo Tolstoy According to, mental health relates to our

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How Musicians Can Generate Money on YouTube

By Michaela Acuyado     As we all know, Youtube is a free video platform where everyone can upload, watch,

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Virtual Music Lessons’ Pros and Cons

By Michaela Acuyado As the new norm suggests, almost everything must be conducted online or virtually. Businesses and jobs already

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TikTok: Musicians Free Ride to Overnight Fame

By Michaela Acuyado TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing app focused on social networking service just like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and

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How Music Helps During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Michaela Acuyado When we will be asked today “How are you?”, what would be mostly our answers? Maybe we’ll

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