"Emily: A 20-Year Musical Journey - Pianist, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist"

ABOUT Emily li

Born in 1998, Emily has 20 years of musical experience. She started playing piano at the age of 3 and started musical training at the age of 5. Emily also started composing and improvising at the age of 7 and started singing in school choirs at the age of 8. Emily is mostly known for playing piano and has begun learning (self-taught) multiple instruments from the age of 9, including classical guitar, ukulele, clarinet, recorder, guzheng, and lyre. She currently is an ARCT-level pianist and completed her music rudiments in RCM. She competed in the ORMTA in 2015 and won 2nd place in the contemporary music category. She won many music awards through the schools she attended during her youth. Over the years, Emily learned piano and music from multiple music pedagogies, including teachers like Professor Christina P. Quilico and Rami Bar Niv. Her current piano teacher is Dr. Josh Wright, who offers online lessons through his program Pro Practice. In the near future, Emily will resume her pursuit of attaining the ARCT diploma as well as starting RCM training for voice and guitar. As of the current state, Emily attends York University to complete her BFA music degree, and Trios College to achieve a PSW diploma. She is pursuing a career in Medicine while teaching music. Emily has taught music at multiple schools, studios, and homes for 8 years since 2015. Her specialties are in music history, music theory, and piano performance.


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