Aishat Abdsalam

I am a professional and skilled hausa tutor . I was born and brought up in Nasarawa hence the reason for mastery of the language. My skills are not limited to understanding the language itself alone, but also cut accross teaching students and also with my teaching methodology is second to none which allows children learn faster, at their pace with joy. Over the past few years, I’ve trained over 100 Nigerians in the diaspora on how to speak hausa language fluently across different countries. My journey began 3 years ago when I got married, which led to my migration to Lagos.

I initially started teaching hausa from Nasarawa, where I teach both children and adults who do not understand their native language how to fluently speak hausa inorder to relate with peers and attract more opportunities. My migration to lagos, led to establishing my classes online ,so I can continue teaching hausa
irrespective of the distance. Eventually, i started having students in the UK, US, Canada and many others through referrals .

It all started when my neighbor knew that I understand Hausa language and the part she got her interest most is that I was born there so the language can’t be compared to someone that learn it. We then have a talk over it, I started with her three children and with my method of teaching they were catching very fast, so from there when the children get to school, they speak with one of their teacher that understand Hausa but the teacher found out that they were saying something that she don’t get, the teacher was like who is your tutor? the students answered, she continued with her question, the students answered with affirmative. So from there the teacher requested for my number from the students

The teacher called and ask some questions I was replying, behold she get to know that there is
different between learning it and been born with it, it was then she said she need to brush up her hausa language so we fixed online because that’s the only option left because her house is

quite far and also considering her job too. The students am taking physically and also now the teacher online, but their time is different

also the days and of course that’s not the only thing I do, I do import and export of goods so my
time is calculated and am always conscious of it because I have to meet up come what may. That’s how I started physical and virtual training in Hausa language and from there I start
getting referral.I upgraded from Whatsapp to zoom or Google meet and my physical too. I have a PDF that I share to them both online and virtual to make the learning smooth. So far so good it has been amazing for me in this line of job because each time am seeing my students speaking Hausa fluently brings me joy


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