"Harness the Harmony: Explore Darrel Pallo's Musical Journey and Guitar Mastery"


Involved with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra during high school, as well as the Jr. Sr and Jazz bands. Helped music department with minor instrument repairs, as well as tutoring fellow students on their instruments.  I started taking music lessons on the guitar at the age of 5 and continued until the age of 18. Studied at Mel Pallo Music Studios in Hamilton Ont.  I started teaching the guitar at 14 years of age.  During my Public School years (1968-1972), I was involved with the school choir as well as the city choir.  I obtained many sight singing diplomas from the Hamilton Public School Music Department. Over the years. I have been involved in many bands playing all types of music from jazz and blues to country and rock and roll.  I can read and play music on a large variety of instruments as well as teach tab on the guitar and bass guitar.  In 2012 I received my Masters of Arts in Music Education diploma from Corllins University.


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