I make learning the Piano super fun! I use a really fun and fast approach to getting students playing in no time and more advanced students to the next level. For online lessons, I use all of the latest technology including screen sharing, lesson and practice follow-up videos, and many other awesome tools to enhance the online experience.

I have seven years of experience teaching beginner to university and professional level students.

I graduated from The Polytechnic Ibadan with a Diploma in Music Technology and also from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Art in Music with a concentration on Piano performance.

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I performed in various ensembles within the University curriculum. Currently, my solo project gives me the opportunity to continue to grow through writing and performing my own original pieces. Throughout my career I have had the honor of performing with renowned songwriters and performers and as well as being mentored by Oladapo Okunmiyide of New Wine Music Network Production.

My students can expect to improve their skills and start to enjoy music more as we work together. I believe that learning music is fun and enjoyable. However, you also need to be serious and focused.

I can demonstrate various and specific techniques, phrasing, and interpretation and will always coach you on how to develop your skills. However, I feel it is important for students to think critically and take the first try at solving a problem themselves. I cannot emphasize enough that primarily it is you who find the ways to improve. Leaning music is a collaboration between teachers and students. I hope that through my lessons, students will become more self-sufficient and confident as musicians.

Let me help you become a better musician.


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