"About Sharuhen Paul: A Music Maestro and Aspiring Software Engineer"

ABOUT Sharuhen Paul


I am a very experienced musician who started playing music at a young age of 9. I have over 11 years of playing music and over 3 years of musical teaching experience. I just love everything about music and sharing my knowledge with people.

I am currently a 4th-year Computer Software Engineering student at the University of Alberta.
About my musical academic background, I have completed Grade 8 Guitar from Trinity College of London with Distinction. I also play the piano on a professional level which I have self-taught.  Further, I even have experience in digital music production and have also created my own music compositions on YouTube.

I have previously performed in a lot of concerts in the UAE before performing for concerts in Edmonton which I am so passionate about. Further, I have also helped organize a lot of musical concerts throughout my music career and my band has won in multiple events.
My teaching philosophy is unique in that I teach in a way so that the students are able to use their ears to play music at the end of the day rather than just knowing to read music. I believe in knowing the ABCs of music before playing an actual song so that the student can have a very strong base before getting professional at it.


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